If you are interested in Guest Work at our studio, please clarify your preferences below and contact us.
-term (short/long)
-working hours
-starting and finishing date

・Fluency in English communication is mandatory as we have lots of customers from abroad. (Non-Japanese artist wanted)

・Please tell us your SNS account such as instagram, so that we are able to know about your work.

・We are NOT interested in the applicants who don’t follow our rules or who disturb the order. (Applicants need to respect the customs and follow the regulations of Japan)

・The applicants must be punctual and keep their promises.

・If your style of work is different from ours, we will not move forward with your application. Please accept that we will not contact you regarding your application and the reason of the rejection in that case.

・In principal, we will collect customers. (You can also do so by your own SNS, however following our policy is the must in this case. )

・Our studio is reservation-only. In principal, no walk-in customers are accepted.

・The applicants must NOT be drug addicts, alcoholics, or mentally/ emotionally unstable .

・Our business hours are 11:00-20:00.
If working full time is not possible, we can negotiate your working hours.

・If you don’t respect our rules, and if we determine that you are not suitable for our studio, such as an attitude towards customers, you’ll be terminated immediately.

・We will explain about the system of payment and percentage pay to the ones who are officially hired only.

If you meet all the requirements and you’re interested in applying for the Guest Work agreeing all of the above, please contact us with:
-Full name
(Contacting us is considered that you agree all the conditions and requirements above.)